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My imitation of Task Warrior - links to the code are at the bottom of the page.

A simple command-line based task manager.

run 'tasks.py -h' for the complete help menu:

Usage: tasks.py command argument option

tasks.py priority [-a]
tasks.py display <Task_ID>
tasks.py search <Search_String>
tasks.py modify <Task_ID> ([<Task>] | [-c] | [-p <Priority>] | [-d=<Due_Date> --time=<Time_Due>] | [-n <Note>] | [-t <Tags>])
tasks.py [<Task>] [-a] ([-p <Priority>] [-d=<Due_Date> --time=<Time_Due>] [-n <Note>] [-t <Tags>]) | [-r <Task_ID>]

display <Task_ID>         Display the note for a Task. This allows you to add more info to a task
modify <Task_ID>         The Task to modify followed by the updated information
priority                          Display the Tasks in priority order
search <Search-string>  Search all the tasks for a given work or phrase. If the phrase contains spaces, 
   it must be enclosed in double quotes.

Task The task to add (Only 20 chars will be displayed)

-h --help                        Show this screen.
-a                                  Display absolute dates
-c                                  Mark a task as completed
-d <Due_Date>              Date the task is due (Ex: M/D/YY, MM-DD-YYYY, MM.DD.YY)
-n <Note>                     A lengthier description of the task
-p <Priority>                 Priority - L, M, H (Low, Medium or High)
-r <Task_ID>                Remove a task
-t <Tags>                     Words you want to associate with this task
--time <Time_Due>      Time the Task is due in the format h:mm AM/PM

Note: The Task, the Note and any Tags need to be in double quotes if they contain spaces.

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