-# ------------------------------------------
# Name: sm.py
# Purpose: SteamMover will list all of the directories (games) under the steam Common dir. The user can select
# a game and it will be moved to the specified directory. A symbolic link will be created to the
# original directory so that Steam will still launch the game.
# Author: Robin Siebler
# Created: 7/31/13
# ------------------------------------------
__author__ = 'Robin Siebler'
__date__ = '7/31/13'

import sys
from games import Games

-usage = """
SteamMover will present a list of games found in the specified location.
The game(s) you select will be moved to the location you specified, providing there is room.

usage: sm.py <path to Steam> <path to move games to>
Ex: sm.py "c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common" "g:\Steam Games\SteamApps\common"


-def display_menu(game_list):
- """Displays a menu with the game list.

:param game_list: a list containing the Steam games

print('\nDiscovered Steam Games:\n')
- for index, item in enumerate(game_list, start=1):
print('\t{}. {}'.format(index, item))

print('\n Enter "q" to quit or "r" to redraw the menu\n')

-def get_choice(game_list):
- """Find out what the user wants to do.

:param game_list: a list containing the Steam games
:return: a string containing either 'q', 'r' or the name of a game

- while True:
choice = input('Enter the number for the game you wish to move: ').lower()
- if ('q' or 'r') not in choice and not choice.isdigit():
print("That is not a valid choice")
- if 'q' in choice or 'r' in choice:
return choice

choice = int(choice)
- if choice not in range(1, len(game_list)):
print("That is not a valid choice")
- elif ' *' in game_list[choice - 1]:
print('That game has already been moved')
- else:
return game_list[choice - 1]

-def parse_cmdline():
- """Parse the command-line. Validate that the correct number of params was provided.

:return: the 2 game directories

- if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print('\nAn invalid number of parameters was provided!\n')

return sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]

-def main():
steam_dir, remote_dir = parse_cmdline()
games = Games(steam_dir, remote_dir) # parse the command line

choice = ''
- while choice != 'q':
choice = get_choice(games.game_list)
- if choice == 'q':
- elif choice == 'r':
continue # start at the top of the loop and display the menu again
- else:

-if __name__ == "__main__":