-# ------------------------------------------
# Name: games.py
# Purpose: A class for Steam games
# Author: Robin Siebler
# Created: 8/4/13
# ------------------------------------------
__author__ = 'Robin Siebler'
__date__ = '8/4/13'

import os
import sys
import shutil
import tempfile
import util

-class Games:
"""The class to deal with Steam games."""
- def __init__(self, steam_dir, remote_dir):
self.steam_dir = steam_dir
self.remote_dir = remote_dir
self.local_games = []
self.remote_games = []
self.remote_installed_games = []

- def move_game(self, curr_path, dest_path, create_symlink=False):
- """Move a game from the current dir to the destination dir.
If the game is being moved outside the Steam dir, create a symlink.

:param curr_path: a string containing the current path of the game.
:param dest_path: a string containing the destination path of the game.
:create_symlink: True to create a symlink, otherwise False.
:return: A string containing an error message if an error occurs, otherwise None.
- if os.path.islink(dest_path) and create_symlink is False:

- if create_symlink is True: # test to see if we can create a symlink
td = tempfile.mktemp()
- try:
os.symlink(td, r'c:\foo_123', True)
- except OSError as err:
return 'Unable to create the symlink. \nPlease run this program as Administrator'
- else:

- if os.path.exists(dest_path):
fsize = util.get_folder_size(dest_path)
- if fsize == 0:
- try:
- except IOError as err:
return 'The directory {} already exists and cannot be deleted!'.format(dest_path)
- else:
return 'There is not enough space on {} to move the game!'.format(os.path.splitdrive(dest_path))

- try:
shutil.move(curr_path, dest_path)
- except IOError as err:
return 'An error occurred when attempting to move the game!'

- if create_symlink:
os.symlink(dest_path, curr_path, True)
return 'Moving complete!'

- def update_games(self):
"""Update the game list."""

- def validate_paths(self):
- """
Validate that the provided paths exist. If the remote dir does not exist,
the user will be prompted to create it.
- if not os.path.exists(self.steam_dir):
print('\n The directory {} does not exist!\nThe program will now exit!'.format(self.steam_dir))

- if not os.path.exists(self.remote_dir):
print('\n The directory {} does not exist!\n'.format(self.remote_dir))
choice = input('Shall I create it? (Y/N): ')
- if choice in ['y', 'Y']:
- try:
- except OSError as err:
print('The following error occurred when trying to create {}: '.format(self.remote_dir))
sys.exit('The program will now exit.')
- else:
sys.exit('The program will now exit.')

- def _get_local_games(self):
"""Get a list of the local games."""
- self.local_games = [dir for dir in os.listdir(self.steam_dir)
if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(self.steam_dir, dir)) and not
os.path.islink(os.path.join(self.steam_dir, dir))]

- def _get_remote_games(self):
"""Get a list of the remote games *linked* in the steam dir and a list of the games *installed there as well."""
- games = [dir for dir in os.listdir(self.steam_dir)
if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(self.steam_dir, dir)) and
os.path.islink(os.path.join(self.steam_dir, dir))]

- remote_games = [dir for dir in os.listdir(self.remote_dir)
if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(self.remote_dir, dir)) and dir not in games]

self.remote_games = games
self.remote_installed_games = remote_games